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LEAPvoX Cloud PBX, Call Center and Fax Solutions


LEAPvoX Cloud® Multitenant Communications Solution provides a complete turn-key infrastucture for Telephony Service Providers. Product is a fully integrated suite of tools and services that utilizes virtualization for a seamless cloud experience.

All common requirements for CLECs, Telephony Operators and Mobile Operators are integrated under a single platform that includes trunk management, customer relations, virtual IP PBX, advanced reports and billing features.

The LEAPvoX Cloud solutions can also be used directly by end users.

"Technology... sophisticated, yet simple"

LEAPvoX® Cloud: Why Should Telecom Operators Use It?


  • Offer your customers competitively-priced enterprise-level hosted PBX and Contact Center solutions.

  • Roll out your service quickly and then go at your own speed, build your service incrementally, expand when needed and minimize risk.

  • Grow and keep market share by offering powerful end-user features that go well beyond common voice services.

  • Stay ahead of the competition by extending capabilities and features quickly and easily whenever and wherever you see an opportunity.

  • Minimize support costs by configuring and authorizing self-service features for administrators, sales channel and end users.

  • Choose your own hardware or deploy services in the cloud.

  • Increase up-time by taking advantage of redundancy and high-availability options.

  • Simplify service management – for your administrators or customers – with auto-provisioning and other time-saving features.

  • Serve global customers by leveraging built-in support for multiple languages.

  • Choose the IP phones offering the best value to you and your customers.

Load Balancing and Redundancy

Hardware level redundancy
for turnkey software/hardware
Redundancy through multiple
application servers and
database servers
Load balancing features
through unlimited number of
SIP servers


Integrated firewall
Voice encryption via SRTP
Secure authentication using
auto-provisioning for
Softphone users and IP


Supporting common SIP
phone and gateway products.
Microsoft Skype for Business,
Microsoft Exchange,
Active Directory / LDAP
CRM and ERPs with API

LEAPvoX® Cloud Multitennant PBX Main Components
  • Sınırsız sayıda mobil abone (softphone)

  • Ek lisans ücreti gerektirmeyen genişleme imkanı

  • Yüzlerce bağımsız konferans odası

  • Çok kanallı ayarlanabilir sesli karşılama sistemi

  • Toplu SMS yönetimi

  • İletişim yönetim paneli (web tabanlı)




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