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Connect to the world with a sharp view!


LEAPvoX® Video Conferencing Systems can
be set-up as a stand-alone service or as an
add-on to your IP-based switchboards. The
video conferencing system allows you to
bring people in different locations together
through IP-based video phones. More
collaboration, more output.


What sets LEAPvoX® apart is the ability to join people in the same conference room with a broadcast that can reach different locations with different protocols and resolutions.

"LEAPvoX® offers value-added video conferencing solutions that are easy to manage, flexible, expandable and affordable."

LEAPvoX® Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions


LEAPvoX® Video Conferencing & Collaboration Applications offer secure and uninterrupted video calls and multi-participant video conferences. These solutions are offered as stand-alone, as an embedded feature of your LEAPvoX®, or as an integrated add-on to your existing system.

You can either broadcast a single source to multiple viewers (e-training), or set-up a conference room that allows many people to join in the discussion. LEAPvoX® saves time and money while allowing efficient and fast


LEAPvoX® works with a wide variety of IP-based video phone brands, video enabled
desktops and notebooks without tying the customer to a specific brand.

IP Phone System Integration

LEAPvoX® offers the customer seamless integration of video conferencing with IP-Based switchboards. This allows the same infrastructure to be utilized for both purposes, while giving you the freedom of voice/video calls within the organization free of
charge. Authorized IP-based video phones, standard IP phones, IP DECT phones or softphone users can join in the conversation; all on the same backbone.

Lower Communication Costs

With an IP-based communications platform, you can save up to 40% in communication costs. Your people travel less, saving both time and money. Once purchased, LEAPvoX® allows the expansion of
your infrastructure either within your office or of additional locations without prohibitive licensing fees.

Security and Ease of Use

LEAPvoX® allows you to manage the security dimension. Users with different levels of access rights
can set-up secured conferences within their password level or across the chain of authority; all
through an easy-to-use interface.
The broadcast can be viewed “Live” on web-based media or on IP-based video phones.

  • Full integration with IP Switchboards

  • Choice of 7-12-16 pictures on the same
    screen simultaneously

  • Dynamic bandwidth optimization

  • Bandwidth assignment to individual extensions

  • Full HD picture

  • Flexible architecture that is adjustable and

  • Free video calls

  • Easy to use, web based admin panel

  • Softphone connectivity

  • Expansion without prohibitive license fees

LEAPvoX® Video Conferencing and Collaboration Main Features


Recording and Storage

You can use LEAPvoX® Video Conferencing Systems with IP-based video phones, smart
phones, tablets, desktops, notebooks, smart TVs, or video walls. You can even turn your smart phone into a live broadcast terminal with our sharp smart
phone apps!

Connecctivity Options

LEAPvoX® Video Konferans Sisteminizi IP tabanlı video (görüntülü) telefonlarla, akıllı GSM telefonlarla, tabletlerle, kameralı masaüstü ve dizüstü bilgisayarlarla, akıllı televizyonlarla veya video ekranlarla kullanabilirsiniz. Kullanışlı telefon  uygulamamız ile akıllı telefonunuzu bir yayın terminaline bile çevirebilirsiniz!


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